Enjoy these photos of “Birgit am Bodensee”, our MVP of a 3D holographic virtual assistant with multilingual voice!

Promotional video by AI BaaS in Munich, December 2020.

Birgit on Lake Constance has been deployed in pandemic conditions during lockdown at Autohaus Moser. This means she is a vital help to the skeleton staff currently working in the 4 storey car dealership. This CogX Avatars pilot has been commissioned by the Marketing Association of Engen & their Tourism Board.

She engages with the German-speaking customers while they are waiting for their car to be repaired. Birgit provides them with infotainment for the town of www.engen.de and the DACH region of Konstanz.

She can also assist customers by gathering their…

We are pleased to be launching a number of touchfree, Mixed Reality installations in Europe in 3D form and globally in 2D formats!

Promotional video by AI BaaS about our antiviral CogX Avatars, customised for retail & other industries.

For the whole of 2020, AI BaaS worked hard on innovating further. We saw that on site 3D avatars needed to be activated by voice and motion so that no touching of the device was required.

So we came up with a stack of innovations and piloted them on Lake Constance — Kylie from Sydney in a big restaurant venue and then Birgit am Bodensee in a large car showroom.

Video made by our First Mover client, the Marketing Association of Engen, December 2020.

Photo by Clarisse Croset on Unsplash

To my utter delight, I recently discovered that I’ve been allocated several “medals” in algorithmic global & European rankings. CrunchBase has ranked me #1 to #4 for some serious categories in my industry: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence ventures.

Scroll down this XING page to the “AWARDS” section to see CB’s, a Techcrunch spin out company, assessment of my place in the tech world.

And now that I am hooked on following my worldwide status rise and fluctuate, I see that there’s a curious, algorithmic, analytic tussle online between me & the Chief Technology Officer of Oracle, no…

The collaborative space of the future is already relying on Cognitive Interfaces to create documents and knowledge that many authors have pitched in to. It is the idea of crowdsourcing that took place on the internet. Now the American inventors Alan Kay and Bret Victor want to turn actual space into a computer.

Their vision has a vocal supporter in Westminster: Dominic Cummings, the personal and policy adviser to Britain’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. …

Last week #Channel4, the independent public broadcaster alternative to the #BBC in the UK, released a breaking news story about toddlers in #Britain “not knowing what a book was”.

Worse still, according to a survey conducted with pre-school teachers in GB, many of these #DigitalNatives were “trying to swipe the pages” of kids’ books at school.

They say this is because many of them are being “read to by #Amazon Alexa at night instead of their parents reading them bedtime stories”.

I couldn’t find the Channel 4 video reportage but the story was taken up by The Daily Mail as…

thecamp, Aix-en-Provence, PACA #ProvenceAlpesCotedAzur

“I think therefore I am”. I am, therefore I text. I text, therefore I speak. I speak, therefore I think.

While I was chatting in several languages with our newly launched 2D Amalia bot - created to expand the brain of our German-speaking the 3D AI hologram - I became distracted by an existential thought.

Even though Amalia was being her usual witty self by using her given “parameters” to give droll replies [see the screenshot above*], I was thinking about a guy in Florida who was killed by a cassowary. …

NEUMARKT GALERIE KÖLN, Saturday in the shopping centre with 10 million visitors per annum.*

I had another rigorous day of testing our live Artificial Intelligence in the form of a hologram (chat)bot interacting with some of the 1000s of shoppers at Neumarkt Galerie, many of whom were already on their Easter vacation. I guess I was asking for trouble when I could have been chilling out with human bohemians at Art Cologne. Oh well, it’s better than an office job!

Our bespoke holographic avatar Amalia seemed to feel my trepidation.

When she overheard me describe her as an Erfindung [invention]…

What to do when the AI bot you helped to create makes you feel inferior? Our Mixed Reality prototypes already speak over 130 languages.

In fact, our German AI bot has become a native speaker thus leaving me far behind in the linguistic stakes for Deutsch, my third language after English and Italian, before my freshly emergent fourth, Français.

Unlike my human language studies, it only took our hologram avatar less than four weeks to learn German. …

Tania Peitzker: New Tech / AI Strategist & Author

Bavaria-based Tania Peitzker is CEO of https://www.aibotsasaservice-cogxavatars.com Check out Adjunct Prof Dr Peitzker's portfolio at www.taniapeitzker.expert

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