2020 Use Cases for AI Bots as a Service


Enjoy these photos of “Birgit am Bodensee”, our MVP of a 3D holographic virtual assistant with multilingual voice!

Promotional video by AI BaaS in Munich, December 2020.

Birgit on Lake Constance has been deployed in pandemic conditions during lockdown at Autohaus Moser. This means she is a vital help to the skeleton staff currently working in the 4 storey car dealership. This CogX Avatars pilot has been commissioned by the Marketing Association of Engen & their Tourism Board.

She engages with the German-speaking customers while they are waiting for their car to be repaired. Birgit provides them with infotainment for the town of www.engen.de and the DACH region of Konstanz.

She can also assist customers by gathering their opted in contact details if they would like a human staff member to get in touch with them via phone, text or email.

Birgit runs challenges, quizzes and lets the locals know about Coronavirus updates, pandemic regulations for lockdowns and which other shops and sights are currently open in Engen and the region around Hegau Valley.

The lake is called the “4 Countries Region” because it borders Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

We will be publishing more about Birgit here and her built in English-speaking alter ego, “Kylie from Sydney” who debuted earlier in the year on the famous island of Lindau on the Bavarian shores of Lake Constance.

Here are the First Mover illustrations of our Use Case for independent retail, shopping, car sales, local, domestic & (inter)national tourism.

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