Battling Oracle’s CTO for a #1 Ranking on Crunchbase…

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To my utter delight, I recently discovered that I’ve been allocated several “medals” in algorithmic global & European rankings. CrunchBase has ranked me #1 to #4 for some serious categories in my industry: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence ventures.

Scroll down this XING page to the “AWARDS” section to see CB’s, a Techcrunch spin out company, assessment of my place in the tech world.

And now that I am hooked on following my worldwide status rise and fluctuate, I see that there’s a curious, algorithmic, analytic tussle online between me & the Chief Technology Officer of Oracle, no less. CTO Larry Ellison just took my hard won global #1 ranking for “Machine Learning companies founded in the last year” and shifted me to 2nd Place. How dare he!

Yet I wonder how Oracle qualifies as a “ML company founded in the last year”? As you can see from my screenshot above, Larry wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the Top 7 for this category over the past few months that I have been monitoring this delightful live ranking.

Or why are there so many American companies in the “top rankings for Europe”, yet hardly ever do we see the European ventures appearing in the “US Top 5”.

At least I can sleep easy knowing that I am out on top of several San Francisco tech ventures in Natural Language Processing — Silicon Valley doesn’t cure all capital ailments! See the CB ranking above, trusting that I retain my #1 rank by the time you click on it :)

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