Merging Multiverses Together: Down Under & Up Over 2019–2023

I was back from Europe in my old Australian hometown for the fourth time since 2019. Here’s what happened; I ended up writing a series of six opinion pieces that were meant to be for a column by a “Cairns expat abroad”.

I believe the content was considered by the editors and publishers of the local newspaper to be too intellectual and controversial for their audience. Understandable as the only reason I engaged with this independent publication was to report it for publishing misinformation on climate change!

See the screenshot in my other Medium article. It captures what I wrote to counter a Letter to the Editor by a local who claimed vociferously that “there wasn’t a shred of evidence that climate change was real”. Maybe not in his parallel universe… sadly you can’t wish away global warming, if only!

image from the wix library / creative commons 2023

This image is special to Tania Peitzker as it was her old stomping ground of Sydney Harbour, the North Shore and the Eastern Suburbs. This is where she sailed almost daily, competing in local yachting regattas for the various clubs. Some of the most famous ones like the Royals Sydney Yacht Squadron and the Cruising YC near where she had an art deco apartment, right on the water, in Elizabeth Bay.

Originally published at on July 11, 2023.



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